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We live our Values

The Diasorin Leading Values are our culture. Above all we focus on the well-being and the personal fulfillment of our people.


Results Driven

Demonstrate an unwavering commitment to achieve results.

  • Set priorities and communicate clear expectations and decisions to meet short, medium, and long-term objectives;
  • Keep things simple and break-down complex problems;
  • Act quickly and with the appropriate sense of urgency to achieve outcomes and do what needs to be done.


Take responsibility, act with integrity, and hold self and others accountable.

  • Support and ensure clear roles and responsibilities with the appropriate authority and empowerment;
  • Take ownership and follow through to completion, accepting responsibility for decisions, actions and outcomes;
  • Manage ambiguity by seeking-to-understand and make informed decisions;
  • Actively engage to share views openly consistently, regardless of audience;
  • Act with integrity ensuring honest and ethical conduct of self and others.

Innovation (Critical Thinking)

Transform new ideas into breakthrough services and solutions that bring competitive advantage and value for patients and customers.

  • Identify and execute future opportunities and potential risks to create meaningful market impact;
  • Challenge the status quo and think outside the box by leverage diverse resources in new and collaborative ways;
  • Think independently, identifying new ideas and help drive cross functional and global solutions.
Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Strive for excellence and long-term success in everything we do.

  • Continuously identify and implement improvements throughout the organization to increase efficiencies, value, and quality;
  • Foster excellence by learning from successes and failures;
  • Focus on sustainable growth by leveraging processes to ensure thoroughness, quality, and consistency.
Customer Focus

Customer Focus

Our customers are our top priority.

  • We are proactive. Understand and anticipate customer needs and provide quality products that meet and exceed these needs;
  • We are responsive. Respond decisively and effectively with excellent service and support to build long-term, collaborative, and trusted customer relationships.
Care for People

Cultivating a Positive Culture (Care)

Focusing on creating a positive, inclusive, uplifting workplace Culture for our Teams to build a We-Company.

  • Challenge and inspire each other with mutual respect and trust to build a We-Company with winning Teams in action;
  • Act as an owner to remove barriers and create an environment that generates commitment and helps Talent grow and thrive;
  • Nurture, Foster and Manage Talent through effective dialogue and continuous education.

In the spotlight: Innovation in action

Our growth has always been based on the consolidated ability to generate rapid and continuous innovation, meeting the laboratories' needs but also introducing new diagnostic tools that allow clinicians to make the most correct decisions in the treatment of the patient.

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