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LIAISON PLEX® and VERIGENE® NanoGrid Technology

NanoGrid Technology is the powerful driving force behind all LIAISON PLEX® and VERIGENE® assays

The LIAISON PLEX® and VERIGENE® systems utilize automation and proprietary chemistry to enable rapid, sample-to-result detection of nucleic acid targets. NanoGrid Technology, a unique gold nanoparticle probe chemistry, is the driving force behind all LIAISON PLEX and VERIGENE tests, providing a versatile and extremely reliable foundation for these systems.

VERIGENE® Nanogrid Technology - Diasorin

How does NanoGrid Technology work?

The gold nanoparticles are 13-20 nanometers in diameter. Each nanoparticle is functionalized with either a defined number of oligonucleotides or antibodies that are specific to a particular nucleic acid of interest.

NanoGrid Technology benefits

The LIAISON PLEX® and VERIGENE® systems using NanoGrid Technology entails

  • Nucleic acid extraction and direct detection or PCR amplification
  • Hybridization of target DNA on a microarray
  • Hybridization of specific mediator oligonucleotides and gold nanoparticle probes
  • Signal amplification of hybridized probes via a silver staining process
  • Automated qualitative analysis of results

Gold nanoparticle probes are ideal for diagnostic applications

  • Allow increased sensitivity by several orders of magnitude compared to fluorophores
  • Enable high specificity nucleic acid detection
  • Reduce background noise, creating an enhanced assay signal
  • Are extremely stable, have a long shelf-life, and are non-toxic


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