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Increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency

Our portfolio of market-leading products can help you increase your lab’s productivity and efficiency with a comprehensive suite of products customized just the way you need them.

Our wide range of products, highly trained staff, proven solutions, and commitment to your project will help you meet even your most challenging research goals.


Depending on the instrument, application, and analytes of interest, there are multiple xMAP® bead types designed to produce optimal results for different applications. With the ability to multiplex up to 500 bead sets, the possibilities with xMAP® are endless.

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Antibody coupling kit & accessories

Everything you need to couple an antibody to MagPlex Microspheres and to easily separate magnetic beads from solution when handling MagPlex Microspheres.

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xPONENT® is a modular, flexible software package for control of the MAGPIX®, Luminex® 100/200TM, and FLEXMAP 3D®. xMAP INTELLIFLEX® software is easy to integrate into your IT environment. Additionally, an optional automation module enables access to a modem REST API, for rapid integration into automated environments.

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LuminexPLORE Lab can help set you up for success with custom assay development services you can trust.
Our expert team of application scientists specializes in immunoassay and genomic assay development, leveraging industry-leading xMAP® and xTAG® technologies to support a broad range of scientific research applications.

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xMAP® Kit Finder

xMAP® Technology is an open multiplexing platform used in hundreds of commercial immunoassay kits. Industry-leading manufacturers offer xMAP® Technology assay kits. To find them, use our xMAP® Kit Finder.

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