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Who we are

For over 50 years, we have been developing, manufacturing and marketing state-of-the-art solutions and specialty tests for laboratories all over the world.

who we are

A story of excellence

Ours is a story of excellence, which began 50 years ago.
Today, our offer is broad and is brought about as a result of constant investments in research, which gives us the widest range of specialty solutions available in the sector and identifies us as “Diagnostic Specialists.”
With a widespread presence in markets all over the world, we also act as a benchmark player in the Life Sciences sector. As a result, we provide technological solutions that enable companies in the sector to develop diagnostic and pharmaceutical products.

Our Solutions

Our solutions and technologies offer answers and tools for the clinical world, for Healthcare and Life Sciences companies, and for academic research.


As a world leader in the laboratory diagnostics market, we specialize in the immunodiagnostics segment, where technology is based on the detection of antibodies and antigens to measure markers of physiological functioning or demonstrate the presence of diseases in a human fluid sample.

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Molecular Diagnostics

Our presence in the molecular diagnostics market is made possible by solutions that identify distinctive DNA/RNA sequences of clinically relevant pathogens, taking as a starting point various categories of biological samples.

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Luminex LTG

We help provide scientists with rapid, reliable answers to complex biological questions, with a range of market-leading platforms that support diverse applications. From biomedical research to genomics and proteomics, from clinical diagnostics to drug discovery.

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Specialists in Innovation

We innovate to meet the continuous needs of the Healthcare world

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Our Story

50 years serving doctors and patients

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Find out more about the leaders who drive our success story

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