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Employment and dialogue with social partners

Goal 8
Goal 8

Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all

Diasorin’s commitment

Maintaining constant and constructive dialog is an opportunity to interact with employees and social partners, and to establish a constructive relationship with them, based on mutual respect and trust.
Diasorin is therefore actively involved in programs to engage and strengthen their sense of belonging to the Group and maintains constant contact with workers’ representatives, involving them in the management of ordinary and extraordinary activities, and always maintaining a collaborative approach.

In particular, the staff responsible for managing trade union relations, where present according to the local context, maintain constant contact with the workers’ representatives, and are involved both in the management of ordinary and any extraordinary situations, according to a constructive and collaborative approach.

In addition to dialog with social partners, Diasorin provides direct channels for listening to workers, structured differently according to the geographical areas where the Group operates.

Actions taken

Hybrid working model
Listening channels
Employee suggestions


GRI 401
GRI 401


The need to employ people with increasingly specialized skills and the changes we are experiencing have led the Group to implement new initiatives aimed at ensuring the retention and attraction of talent:

  • since 2021, a policy for hybrid working has been introduced globally, based on mutual trust and an improved work-life balance
  • listening channels have been established for employees at Diasorin North America sites, on issues such as the corporate “climate”
  • at headquarters in China, an initiative was launched aimed at employees’ contributions to achieving outstanding results, by means of proposals to improve company processes and programs
  • in the United States, the Group is committed to guaranteeing support to all employees in choices in the field of health, through structured programs such as: the “Employee Assistance Program (EAP)”, “Family Adoption Support” and “Well on Target”
  • in the UK, Diasorin offers as part of the employee Benefits plan supplementary medical and dental insurance as well as vouchers aimed at supporting employees’ children and access to purchase portals at reduced prices
  • in Italy, Diasorin negotiated the renewal of the corporate welfare plan, through an active and fruitful dialog with social partners. The company is therefore committed to constantly updating the corporate welfare plan, with a view to promoting the well-being of its employees.

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